Alto Alegre

Since 1880

Alto Alegre Coffees is managed by a family of traditional coffee growers who have cultivated the fertile soil of South Minas Gerais since 1880. Today a 4th generation continues this passion for the coffee business.

The High Frontier Mogiana
The High Frontier Mogiana

The Region

Alto Alegre Estate and 4 Rios Estate are located at The High Frontier Mogiana – South Minas which is Brazil’s most traditional area for coffee growing at a high altitude. The coffee produced in the region has achieved international recognition for its high quality and outstanding characteristics such as body, acidity, fruity aroma and softness.

São Benedito Estate is located in the larger area of South Minas that is considered the most fruitful area of coffee production in Brazil.

The Estates

The total area of the Alto Alegre Estate and 4 Rios Estate comprises 1320 acres, of which approximately 111 acres are dedicated to coffee cultivation, with the remaining area dedicated to cereal cultivation and natural forest set aside for a permanent nature reserve.

Located in the border region of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, these two farms are located in the most privileged production area for Arabica coffee. In addition to the ideal climate and soil the farms are located at the perfect altitude of 4,200 ft.

Alto Alegre Estate has a variety of natural springs that are partly responsible for the water supply of Jacutinga, a municipality of 30,000 inhabitants.

Alto Alegre 4 Rios São Benedito

São Benedito Estate, has a total area of 250 hectares, 140 hectares are coffee plantations and 60 hectares are devoted to the cultivation of cereals. It is situated in Nepomuceno – Minas Gerais, a municipality located in the region with the largest coffee plantations in the world, favored by the logistics of transport and storage.

With Arabica coffee plantations located between 900 and 1000 meter altitude, offering specialty coffees with unique features such as sharp body and remarkable sweetness.

UTZ certified since 2009, the farm draws the traceability of their lots from harvest to final product. Producing with social and environmental responsibility, Alto Alegre’s priority is to make the best coffees with respect to nature, employees and consumers.



Sustainability of production is
a central concern of our company:
plateau terracing, use of natural
windbreakers, disposal of solid and liquid
residue as well as providing high quality
housing for the families that live and work
on our farms is our priority.


Increasingly, consumers want
to know where their food comes
from. They want to make sure
that food is produced responsibly,
not harming the environment or
exploiting the workforce.


UTZ Certified is a worldwide
certification program that sets
standards for agricultural production
and ensures responsible sourcing of
coffee. UTZ, which means “good” in the
Mayan language, provides the guarantee
of respect for the standards of social
and environmental quality in
agricultural production.

The Coffees

Our intention is to produce
the best coffee from our
family to yours.
Experience Alto Alegre.
An Unforgettable Coffee.
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